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{November 18, 2008}   More train experiences

Over the weekend, on the way back to Hirakatashi, these two Japanese girls entered the train with shopping bags and a luggage.  It was kind of late going back to Hirakatashi, and since we were in the sub-express, there were plenty of room.  Well, my friend was… how should I say… surprised (??) by the fact that the girls just opened the luggage to put in the items that they just bought.  I mean, it’s normal, I guess… maybe?? Well, I have to admit that it is a pretty smart way to go about carrying items…. but my friend told me that it is strange.  The luggage was empty, from what we can tell, and they *did* purchase a lot of items, so I thought stuffing the items in the luggage is pretty smart.  However, having to carry that empty luggage around while shopping must be annoying. 

On a reflective note, I didn’t pay attention to whether that luggage was new.  hmmm… it could be that the girls bought the luggage and wanted to stuff the items in so that it would be easier for them to carry later… o well, who knows, nee?


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