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{December 6, 2008}   Whale meat

In one of my classes yesterday, we talked about foreign companies going to Japan.  The discussion of whale meat came up when my teacher talked about Testco, a famous company in the UK, coming to Japan and took over a Japanese company.  One of the products that this Japanese company sold was whale meat.  When the UK population heard that Testco is selling whale meat in Japan, they protested against Testco. 

So, the problem was that what should Testco do in this case?  On one hand, if they continue to sell whale meat to the Japanese consumer, they’ll face negative publicity in the UK.  However, if they stop selling whale meat, it would seems like they are forcing UK’s opinions onto the Japanese market.  Luckily though, whale meat was not all that popular (therefore not profitable) in the Japanese market, so Testco was able to take the product out without offending both sides.

On a side note, Japan actually supports “whale research” where these “researchers” go around the world, killing whales for “research,” and … I guess… eat them.  Not a lot of people are a big fan of these “researches”…


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