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{December 8, 2008}   Back to Train Experiences!

So over the weekend, as I was going back to Hirakatashi, my friend and I encountered drunking businessmen (I guess they just got back from a nomikai – they still wore their business suits…).  Well, it was late at night, and we were on the JR line, so there were seats.  It was just two of us and we had a four-seater seat thingy (we took the pair of seats at the end, but then the guy on the other side of us went and flip the seat thingy so that an extra pair of seats faced us, so then we have a four-seater…)… In the next stop, these two drunken businessmen came in.  We didn’t realize they were drunk until we smell the alcohol on their breath when they asked if they could sit there (or something like that… it was in Japanese, and they were slurring… they just plopped down anyway, so I guess our responses doesn’t matter…).

It was kind of a funny situation to observe.  Both of them were slouching, and talking in a ‘hush hush’ way.  (We can still hear their conversation even if we don’t understand, and the alcohol on their breath is so strong…) The guy sitting directly in front of me then stretched out his legs and it looked like he was falling.  His feet were all in my space!!  I was quite uncomfortable, but didn’t want to disturb him.  Our stop was also coming up, so I didn’t want to say anything.  My friend suggested that I should “accidentally” drop my bag so that the guy would move his feet, but I felt guilty.  Poor little old guys, you know.  Still, it was funny when the other guy was doing all the talk as this guy was falling asleep.  I guess it was interesting because it was the first time either of us encountered old drunken Japanese businessmen.  Gee, since both of us are business majors, I wonder if we would be in the same situation in the future… O_o


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