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{December 13, 2008}   Buses

Last night my mom took me to a Christmas Gospel Choir in Osaka, so I had to meet her at Hirakatashi at 5:30.  My bus card expired earlier this week, so I had to walk to Hirakatashi.  I really don’t mind because it is good exercise (or at least that is what I tell myself….). 

Well, as I was walking, no less than four buses (that are still in service) passed by me, and they were all in a row.  I remembered when I had to wait for the bus (with service) at Kansai Gaidai.  Remember my earlier post about three nonservice buses passing by me when I was waiting for the bus?  Well, I think that the drivers are avoiding the students on purpose.  In order for me to get to Hirakatashi by 5:30, I had to leave around 5:10.  The time when most students get out is either around 5:20 or 5:40 (so maybe between 5:20-6??), and what we see are nonservice buses passing us by.   Now, at 5:10 there are four with-service buses???  Oh gee!!!  Well, the good thing about this is that since I’m walking, I won’t be affected by the bus system.  Poor people having to walk…

Now, the choir that my mom took me to was pretty good.  I didn’t really know that I was going to go to a gospel choir because my mom told me it was going to be an orchestra (O_o… big difference I think..).  Most of the songs sang were in English (the only Japanese-language song was Silent Night).  These people have great vocals (so awesome that I think I could hear them fine without a mike.. but since the majority of the audience are senior citizens, I guess it’s understandable…).  The problem was that some of the members did not (or cannot) pronounce the words correctly, so it was a bit hard to understand.  The singers had lots of energythough, and like I said earlier, their voices were awesome!  So I ended up half trying to place myself in the shoes of these senior citizens and try to hear what they hear.  Amongst the songs that were sang were Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Seasons of Love, and I Believe I Can Fly.  I don’t know, but are these songs considered Christian Gospel songs?  Who knows, huh?


{November 7, 2008}   Non-service buses in Japan

Alrighty, I’m annoyed at those non-service buses in Japan!!  I seriously don’t get it… ok, I know that Japan is trying to say they don’t care much about money (or something like that), so they have these buses running, but 3 non-service buses in a row???!!!   It is *such* a waste… or at least that’s what I think….
Not only do they not get money, they are wasting gas, which is hurting the environment….

Besides, having to wait in a looooonnnnggg line to get home… totally not appealing… @_@

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