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{December 1, 2008}   Durian!

Yesterday one of my friends let me have some durian chips! They taste *very* good. I think this website has a good explanation of durian: Durian is a “fruit from South East Asia that has a horrible smell yet tastes so good. It smells like natural gas (not the bodily function type, but the additive type that is in fuel natural gas).”

My granny would serve these fruits every once in awhile. I have to admit that the fruit smells… and not in a good way. I *love* the fruit, but there have been times when I cannot stand the smell, so I couldn’t eat the fruit. My uncle really despises the scent. When she serves the fruit, my uncle refused to go anywhere near my granny’s apartment.

Here’s a picture of the fruit


And here is a video of the fruit: How Smelly is it I wonder???


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