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{December 9, 2008}   Fresh Meat!!

Ok, I remember that there was a discussion in one of my classes about fresh meat in China.  It was about a foreign student living with a Chinese host family. To repay the family for their kindness, the foreign student wanted to cook something for the family.  The host sister volunteered to take the student to the meat shop for fresh meat.  However, the foreign student couldn’t stand it (because they were killing the animals right there) and so they went to a supermarket where meat was in a package.

Today there was a presentation that one of the groups  did about Walmart.  Apparently Walmart also sells fresh meat the way the Chinese prefer.  They have meat that were uncovered, and one of the comments that the presenter made was that Walmart used to chopped the chicken right there until the SARS incident.   They also said that there is a fish tank where customers can select and buy the fish they want.  I think that packaged items are not fresh enough for the Chinese to enjoy.


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