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{November 10, 2008}   Train

Whoa, going back home last night was … I don’t know… strange???  Well, I had to ride the train back, and since the train just arrived, I get a seat ^__^ (ureshii).  Anyways, as I was waiting for the train to leave, this lady and her son came in (at least I think they were mother and son).  The boy was at least 15 or so, and the mom looks like she’s in her late 30s – mid-40s.  So, the mom (who is skinny -like a typical Japanese person) entered with all the grocery bags (2-3), and this boy (who is kind of on the heavy side) carried nothing.  I thought that was rude (yes, I was bored and had nothing to do so I just stared at the people coming his, with a book on my lap… but still…).  I mean, the son *should* be nice and help his mom, right?  Well, as they were walking right in front of me, the son turned around and said “dame” (“no”)with his hand right in front of his mom.   I was like “what?” but I didn’t say anything (well, I didn’t know the language… so yeah…).  He then walk onto the other side of the bench I was seating on.  What really surprised me was that the mom did exactly as told and stayed where she was at.  My gosh… I was like, “Are you serious.”  I wonder what that means….

There was this other incident where this mom and two baby boys were sitting in the train next to me.  I was also waiting for the train to depart at that time.  One of the boys looks like he was around 4-5 and the mom was carrying the other on her lap- that boy looks around 1-2.  Well, the 4yr old boy was causing a raucous in the train, and the mom couldn’t seem to quiet him down.  He calmed down as soon as the train moved though.  The mom and the boy started to talk in Japanese, but then the boy got annoyed or something, so he hit his 2yr old brother, and so the 2yr old started to cry.  The mom didn’t say anything to the 4yr old boy… and tried to calm the 2yr old one (like wowzer…)  Well, luckily, around that time, the boy turned to look at me, and so I just glared at him and he sat back on his sit and was quiet until I left… hehe… Well, he wasn’t exactly all quiet since he was talking to his friend, but he wasn’t loud ^__^


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