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{December 12, 2008}   Home

I remember in one class, we talked about how the women in Japan would wear their heals outside and slip into their slippers when they get inside the company.  This shows how a Japanese company functions like a family.  In the U.S., it would be the opposite.  The women would walk to work in their sneakers (or other walking shoes), and slip into the heals as they get closer towards their workplace.

Last night I saw a picture of my host mom and host sister at their recital.  My host mom plays the harp while my host sister plays the violin.  Both of them were dressed up and looking good.  What shocked me was that both of them were wearing slippers!  At a recital?!  (like “what”???!!!) So I asked my mom if the picture was taken while they were practicing.  She told me that that was their actual recital.  I found out that their recital was held at the place where they normally go for lessons, so I guess their teachers are now like their family.

Before I came to Japan, I had a music major roommate.  I remember that whenever she had a recital to go to, she would dress up and not change into slippers when it was her turn to perform.  I had been to several of her recitals, so I know this from experience.  However, I’m not sure if she had practiced on stage before.  I know that she was worried about how her teachers would be grading her, and that her appearance is important. 

I guess that because of my roommate, I was kind of surprised that my host mom and sister were wearing slippers for their recital.  I know that did wore dress shoes when they left to go to the recital.   I saw my mom when she came back from the recital, and my host sister only brought one pair of shoes over when she stayed with us the night before the recital…


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