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{November 28, 2008}   Religion in Japan

When I first get information about my host family, my mom said that she is atheist. I didn’t mind because I figured that people in Japan were either Buddhist, Shinto, or atheist. So, the first month when I was living with her, she didn’t do anything religious. I did notice that she has an alter of some sort, but she didn’t touch it, so I didn’t ask her about it. Then, one night, after making rice, she took a little bit of rice and brought it to the alter. She then rang the bell and started chanting. After she was done, I asked her if she is Buddhist. She insisted that she does not believe in anything. She was only chanting because her friend said that it is better if she chant and give offerings to the god.

I think this experience was interesting. I mean, rather than saying that she have some sort of faith or belief, she insisted that she does not believe in anything. She actually chanted more than once after that. Rather than religious, maybe my host mom is superstitious? saa… who knows… =P


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